My Blood, My Health Magazine

We’re excited to unveil our new initiative, the My Blood, My Health Magazine. More than just another digital publication, this magazine serves as a beacon of Patient Advocacy in Canada and the pressing need to uplift the voices of patients.

Why a Digital Magazine Dedicated to Patient Advocacy in Canada?

With this magazine, we aim to pursue Heal Canada’s mission to empower patients to access better and equitable services across Canada.

Bridge Knowledge Gaps: Despite the best efforts of healthcare professionals, patients sometimes find themselves feeling lost, uninformed, or sidelined. Our magazine seeks to bridge these gaps, ensuring patients are well-informed and feel confident in advocating for their own healthcare journey and educating and empowering Patient Advocacy Groups.

Empower through Stories: Every patient has a story. By sharing real-life experiences, challenges, and successes, we hope to inspire and empower others, highlighting the strength and resilience of the Canadian people.

Navigate the Digital Age: In today’s fast-paced digital world, accessing relevant, accurate, and current information is paramount. With our digital magazine format, Canadians can easily stay updated on patient advocacy matters from any device, anytime.

Unified Platform for Collaborative Change: Heal Canada and My Blood My Health isn’t just about stories. It’s about sparking dialogue, collaboration, and real change. By bringing together healthcare providers, policymakers, and patients, we aim to foster an environment of mutual understanding and positive transformation.

Canada, with its rich tapestry of cultures, geographies, and peoples, needs a cohesive voice to address the unique challenges and opportunities in patient advocacy. The “My Blood My Health” Digital Magazine is our commitment to ensuring that this collective voice is heard, respected, and acted upon.

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Together, let’s champion the cause of patients and ensure that the Canadian healthcare system is as compassionate, inclusive, and efficient as the people it serves.

My Blood, My Health is a project of Heal Canada.

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